How to Teach Without a Textbook/ Create Online Textbook Resources

Monte Wolverton's textbook creation process

Monte Wolverton’s textbook creation process



11 Great Sites for Free Textbooks

No Books, No Problem: Teaching Without a Text

University of Cincinnati’s Psychology Students Present Cheaper Alternative Textbooks at the national EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Feb. 14, 2011

Ideas for How to Toss the Text

Open Textbook Catalog

This catalog is fairly limited in number, but it continues to grow.  This site is created by Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups), and contains more information about open textbooks.

This catalog is a resource to help connect professors with some of the top open textbooks currently available. Since open textbooks are based online (print copies are optional), they can be difficult to locate or evaluate for quality. This catalog provides information to help make finding a free, open textbook less time consuming for instructors.This is from the Including websites, iPod lectures and field trips. Open textbooks are one of many possible solutions, but we believe that they offer student consumers the best benefits. Therefore, we promote open textbooks to set the bar high for alternatives to expensive, traditional textbooks.

100 Resources for Teaching without Textbooks

Open textbooks are complete digital textbooks that are accessible online at no cost, and affordable to purchase printed as a book. The educational material inside open textbooks is similar to traditional texts – the difference is that open textbooks are licensed to allow users to legally access and reformat copies of the text at no additional cost. This gives students the choice to read their textbooks in multiple print and digital formats.

Using primary sources from the Library of Congress’ American Memory Project

Created by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use materials provide easy ways to incorporate the Library’s unparalleled primary sources into instruction.


2 Responses to How to Teach Without a Textbook/ Create Online Textbook Resources

  1. Students find it uneasy to manage time as they are liable on it
    and it promotes a lonely environment since they study alone with the computer.

    Another advantage is that many hospitals have set up
    study groups for online nursing students. The cost of getting that degree continues to rise, so most college graduates end up owing a ton of money by the time
    they graduate.

    • digitaltext says:

      Thank you for taking the time to send off your concerns. However, I am not advocating online classes to replace face to face learning environments; I am trying to promote faculty creating online education resources rather than relying on the traditional hard bound expensive textbooks; which help contribute to the large student loans.
      I do agree with you about online classes not being for everyone; and that not all classes or labs should be available only online.

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