Writing/Spelling Help

TypingAid – Auto Complete Text Utility For Windows

TypingAid might sound like a tool which help beginners learn how to type, but actually it is a portable auto-completion tool which help writers/bloggers/copywriters/authors/developers increase productivity and reduce RSI(Repetitive strain injury).

It is an intelligent tool with excellent learning and prediction capabilities for both beginners and professionals alike. With this tool you will be able to complete sentences faster and increase productivity.


Ginger for Schools

  • Corrects spelling and grammar
  • Single-click correction of spelling mistakes, misused words and grammatical errors
  • Works in Microsoft Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer

Ginger Premium for Schools

  • All of the Ginger for Schools features
  • Progress reports
  • Text-to-speech reader
  • Personalized display settings


Gain confidence in your writing… with Ghotit.

Spelling is an integral part of the writing process. Confidence in spelling often has a profound effect on a writer’s self-image. With Ghotit, you can write confidently, continuing to misspell as you always have, but with the confidence that Ghotit is there with you to review your writing and offer the right spelling text corrections.

Ghotit intelligent, context spell checker is the original spell checker developed by dyslexics offering a solution optimized for people with dyslexia.


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