Free Images

Pexels: Free High Quality Stock Photos

Life photos hosted by Google

12 Resources for Free Images

Public Domain Images

WikiMedia Commons

Art Images for College Teaching (AICT)

AICT began as a personal project dedicated to the principle of free exchange of image resources for and among members of the educational community. While the AICT site is maintained and distributed under the general auspices of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD), this institution is not responsible for content or use thereof. All work on the AICT project has been voluntary, and MCAD-affiliated personnel have contributed innumerable hours of research, clerical, and design effort on a pro-bono basis. Use of the images displayed on this website has also been contributed on a non-royalty basis for the public good.

Library of Congress -Prints and Photographs

Freeimages carries over 2500 stock photo images in a variety of categories. All are free.

Image After provides free images for personal and commercial use. Updated daily.

The New York Public Library Digital Gallery

The WorldImages database

Free Scientific Images– a database which searches through Flickr for images which were specifically designated under the Creative Commons (CC) license model, which means you can use these images under the approachable terms of the CC license.

USGS Multimedia Gallery The USGS Multimedia Gallery is our one-stop collection of videos, photography, and other imagery. All items in this gallery are considered public domain. Please refer to the USGS Copyright section for more details.

Anatomical Images from Patrick Lynch
Medical Illustrations by Patrick J. Lynch, generated for multimedia teaching projects by the Yale University School of Medicine, Center for Advanced Instructional Media, 1987-2000. Patrick J. Lynch,


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  1. Free Images says:

    I just found your blog and want to say thank you! What an enjoyable time looking through so many images. Thanks for sharing.

    • digitaltext says:

      Thank you, for your appreciation. I am addicted to the huge potential of the web 2.0 applications for everyone’s education especially for those who learn differently. Enjoy, Candace

  2. Engmbr says:

    Free Images
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  3. Eng Mbr says:

    Free Images
    I just found your blog and want to say thank you! What an enjoyable time looking
    through so many sites. Thanks for sharing.

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