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Just to start with a little humor- the difference between blogs and wikis

Need Inspiration?

Dr. Michael Wesch’s:  Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

Dr. Michael Wesch’s:  “Information R/evolution”

Where is Digital Text Headed?

There is a digital textbook revolution going on with surprising and exciting developments.  I am trying to keep abreast of the changes with the hopes that faculty interested in providing their students with an alternative to expensive textbooks will become inspired.  It would be a great time saver to adopt already created digital material than to convert an existing face to face course’s material to digital content.  The amount of free secondary education resources available on the web grows daily.  Alas, I can not test the accessibility of each promising unit, and therefore hope that any faculty comment on any they evaluate.

What are Open Education Resources (OER) and/or open textbooks?

Articles related to OER and using digital materials to replace a textbook.

Open Education Resources – Repositories

Classroom Materials Including Lesson Plans, Using Primary Sources from the Library of Congress

Flat World Knowledge
We preserve the best of the old — books by leading experts, peer‑reviewed and developed to high editorial standards, fully supported by review copies, teaching supplements and great service. Then we change everything. Our textbooks are:

  • Free online
  • Affordable offline
  • Open–licensed
  • Customizable by educators

Educators choose the book — students choose format and price. Everybody wins.

OER Commons

OER Commons  Community

Open Textbook Catalog

3 Free online learning modules from All Kinds of Minds

Keep up to date with your research with Google Alerts

Other Sources of Open Textbooks

Thinkfinity From Verizon Foundation focusing on K-12 but a lot of the high school activities are appropriate for students transitioning to college.

A free web site providing k-12 content including lesson plans, videos and interactives developed by leading educational partners. Thinkfinity resources can be found by using a powerful search engine located on the home page. The site also offers a robust and professional development program. Thinkfinity saves teachers time and money!

List of free “teacher” electronic book collections

Open Education Resources  (OER) Index

Free Online Courses All Subjects

Free Online Foreign Language Lessons

Podcasts on Technology

International/Intercultural Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning tools:


Have you thought about creating your own textbook?
Will this work within the Moodle platform?

Also, check out the specific subject resources pages. A wee warning — it can be a little overwhelming, exciting, and mind blowing.

Free Video/Audio  Creating and Editing Tools

Free Images

40 Best Sources of Free Music Education Online


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