A Module for Redesigning Online Delivery and Accessibility: Jo Tomalin, Ph.D.

A module for teachers redesigning a traditional lecture into a Universal Design for Learning model for Online Learning and Accessible to students with disabilities. This is a San Francisco State University Accessible Instructional Multimedia Tool (AIM) emphasizing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility for all students.

Created by Jo Tomalin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

San Francisco State University

The module is an Accessible Instructional Media (AIM) resource developed for the CSU EnAct project funded by the U.S. Department of Education:
Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology.

Hello, I’m Jo Tomalin, associate professor in the theatre arts department at San Francisco State University. Welcome to my module called “Classroom Lecture Redesign for Online Delivery and Accessibility.” I created this web-based module for faculty who are interested in developing an online segment of a lecture-based course.

Since 1998 I have developed and taught three fully online courses at San Francisco State University. I have discovered that students enjoy the flexibility and different types of learning activities possible in an online course. However, there are some important topics to know about before changing existing lecture content to an online course format – such as the course design, page layout, Universal Design for Learning strategies and accessibility to meet ADA standards.

I know that teachers are busy – and so I designed this module to provide the main points and succinct information about these topics. My goal is to entice teachers to begin by creating an online component or activity to complement an existing lecture based course – so that they may think about developing a hybrid or fully online course in the future. Thank you.


2 Responses to A Module for Redesigning Online Delivery and Accessibility: Jo Tomalin, Ph.D.

  1. I feel very silly asking this, but how to I get to the on-line module Dr. Tomalin has put designed to help other teacher create a better on-line course?

  2. Patty Ball says:

    Don’t feel silly, I couldn’t I couldn’t find it either, but I googled it and found this link:

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