Using Highlights to Create an Outline in Kurzweil 3000

Using 3 Colored Highlights to Create an Outline in Kurzweil 3000

  1. The toolbar with the green bar on the far left is the study skills toolbar.  It has the highlight’s and notes’ icons.  You can customize the toolbar to include only the icons you use and set the highlighters to fit your outlining color scheme. To make changes to the Kurzweil settings you need to open a Kurzweil file for the changes to take effect.
  1. Before using the highlighters for creating an outline, you need to decide which colors you want to you for the 3 headers of an outline and then set the margins of each color by going to the tools tab in the top tool bar> Customize >  Toolbars.
  2.  Then select the study skills tab
  1. To use the gray or orange highlight colors you need to add them to the study skills tool bar by selecting them from the row of optional tools.  In the below example, the orange highlight icon 1. has been selected > then select the green up arrow 2. to move it up to the row of active icons.
  1.  To change the order of the icons, select the icon you wish to move and select the blue right or left triangles.  I moved the orange highlight to be next to the other highlight colors.





  1. Then the outline indentations and prefixs need to reflect your color choice. These changes are made under Tools > Options > Extract Setup
















  1. Setting up the outline prefixes is not intuitive – you need to insert a % symbol before the outline number/ letter or else all highlights will be numbered the same. (Kurzweil does recognize that this is a roman numeral not a capital i.) The example below is set up to reflect the BOY (blue, orange, yellow) outline scheme. (In Kurzweil Version 10, blue is called Cyan)  To make the outline easier to read check the Insert Blank Lines when Extracting Highlights box.
  1. Now Kurzweil is set up for you to make an outline with blue as the main point or I. level of the outline, orange as the secondary or A. level, and yellow as the third or 1. level of the outline.
  1. To create an outline after you have actively read the text by highlighting the information using the BOY color scheme, go to File >  Extract annotations.







  1. Check to make sure everything is set up like you want and click OK.












  1.  This will open a new window with an outline in a separate file. (The orange highlight looks a little brownish.) You can save the new file as a text or Kurzweil file.

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