All Kinds of Minds Resources: Free online learning modules and a Learning Library

2 Free Resources from the people who wrote Schools for All Kinds of Minds based on a neurodevelopmental framework that serves as an organizing structure  to help educators understand learning and learners:

1. Free Online Learning Modules

Our online modules are designed to help teachers build or refresh their understanding of three important elements of learning: language, memory, and attention.

Access the Language module – In this module, you’ll probe receptive and expressive language. In-depth sections drill into sentence comprehension, semantic use, verbal elaboration, word retrieval, and much more.

Access the Attention module – In this module, you’ll explore mental energy controls (functions regulating cognitive energy flow), processing controls (functions regulating the processing of incoming information), and production controls (functions regulating academic output and behavioral control).

Access the Memory module – In this module, you’ll examine short-term memory, active working memory (mentally suspending bits of information while using or manipulating them), and long-term memory (storage and retrieval of information, experiences, or skills).

2. Learning Library

The Learning Library provides insights into the learning challenges that students face. Take a close look at the skills that must be mastered, the neurodevelopmental factors that may influence student’s success, and common obstacles that students may encounter on the road to mastery. We’ll also offer hints and suggested activities that may help them minimize or overcome their differences in learning.



About digitaltext

Digital Text Coordinator at Landmark College in Putney, VT; a 2 year college for students who learn differently.
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