Kurzweil Users? Kurzweil 3000 Version 11 and Windows 7

If you use Kurzweil 3000 and are thinking about upgrading to Windows 7, be aware that only version 11 is compatible with Windows 7.
From the tech support people at Cambian Learning:
The only Kurzweil 3000 Products that are compatible with Windows 7 are listed below:
Kurzweil 3000 version 11 Standalone CD
Kurzweil 3000 version 11 Network
Kurzweil 3000 version 11 Web
If you have any previous version of Kurzweil you will want to get with your sales rep to find out what it would be to upgrade to version 11.


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2 Responses to Kurzweil Users? Kurzweil 3000 Version 11 and Windows 7

  1. Chris Baskins says:

    Hey thanks I am glad I ran into this article. I was just about to attempt to locate my kurzweil 1000 for windows 7 and I am glad I didn’t. Guess I am going to have to upgrade.

  2. Bryant Webster Schultz says:

    Earlier versions work with windows 7 but you have to jump through a few hoops. I’m running version KW 3000 v.9.
    1. Install Scanner first and have it on.
    2. Run setup.exe from disc and give permission to make changes
    3. from an admin account navigate to the program icon in the program folder (not the shortcut)
    right click on the icon and “run as administrator”. Give permission to make changes.
    4. Register product.

    This did it for me.

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