Bookshare and Don Johnston

CBrown wrote:

                           and Read:OutLoud by Don Johnson

Last March and Don Johnston announced their partnership and the creation of a free downloadable Windows version of Read:OutLoud Bookshare Edition for qualified print disabled students that would be available in the fall of 08.  I received this email from Don Johnston this morning. 

“COMING SOON! — Read:OutLoud Bookshare Edition and offers an extensive library of over 41,000 accessible books and a soon-to-launch website that will make finding and downloading books even easier. Through this partnership with, Don Johnston will offer a new edition of the popular text-reader software, Read:OutLoud. The best news is, members will be able to download Read:OutLoud AT NO COST. With these new releases, accessing and reading books will be easier and even more fun! 

The Read:OutLoud Edition text reader offers embedded reading comprehension strategies and instructional supports that align with state educational standards. The text reader software includes audio feedback, electronic highlighting and note-taking features that allow students to effectively capture ideas. A Mac version will follow in 2009.”

Two weeks ago, I emailed because the wording of’s announcement implied only K-12 students would qualify, it was not clear to me if our (Landmark College) students would qualify to download the free reader.  Apparently, the new reader can open the books prepared by NIMAS which applies to only K-12 students. promptly replied with a positive answer; any student who qualifies under the Chaffee Amendment will be able to download the new reader as soon as it becomes available.
Read: OutLoud Edition product information.
Read: OutLoud Edition’s frequently asked questions.


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