Kurzweil 3000’s “Read the Web” fix for Mozilla’s Firefox 3.00

Today, our TechSupport received an email from Kurzweil 3000 technology services, with information about the release of a fix for the “Read the Web” feature using Mozilla’s Firefox 3.  Alas, the fix came as an .xpi attachment so I can’t send you the link.  I checked Mozilla’s download page for add-ons and extentions and it was not there yet.

So email technology@cambiumlearning.com  and request the kesireader  fix, their reply will have the same attachment, or email me with the request and I will reply with the attachment.  cbrown@landmark.edu



About digitaltext

Digital Text Coordinator at Landmark College in Putney, VT; a 2 year college for students who learn differently.
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2 Responses to Kurzweil 3000’s “Read the Web” fix for Mozilla’s Firefox 3.00

  1. Andre Scott says:


    I’m writing to double check and see if your all at landmark will send a copy of the Firefox 3.0 upgrade to me as well. I am a student with learning disabilities and I’m getting my masters degree at Capella University in human services with a specialization in social and community services. Mozilla Firefox 2.0 no longer works or is even compatible with my system.

    I’m hoping that that will come out with the 3.0 Firefox that will work for Kurzweil version 10. If and when they do, can you please e-mail me the link so that I can install it on my computer? I would really like to keep it with my work.

    Thank you!


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